Watch: The Truth About Todd Haley’s Playcalling Sunday

As I’ll preface in the video, Todd Haley did not have a resume-building game Sunday against the Baltimore RavensNo one did.

But how much of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ struggles were on him? Less than you think.

We throw aside all the cliches. Too conservative. Too much run, run, pass. Too predictable. Man I hate that one. We go through almost all the team’s negative passing plays and try to examine exactly what happened. And you’ll find the issues were with Ben Roethlisberger substantially more than they were on the offensive coordinator.

And we’re not just telling. We’re showing. So you tell me. But my opinion has evolved. Not to absolve Haley completely, that would be silly and we look at some of the issues he had, but anyone who throws those cliches at you doesn’t have a clue. Pay no mind. Check out this video and make your own opinion.

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