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Video: Chris Boswell’s Botched Onside Kick Attempt Capped Steelers Ugly Sunday

The Pittsburgh Steelers had several embarrassing moments during Sunday’s road loss to the Baltimore Ravens and one everybody will be talking about this coming week will be the late botched onside kick attempt by Chris Boswell.

With the Steelers trailing the Ravens 21-14 with less than a minute to play, Boswell attempted a crossover onsides kick that he was once successful using during his college career at Rice.

This time, however, Boswell’s unuaual onsides attempt looked like something you would see in a Peanuts’ cartoon and after he duffed it, he angrily and illegally kicked the dribbled football one more time.

As you can see below, Boswell also got a Crying Jordan meme.

The Steelers special teams units played poorly overall on Sunday as they also allowed a punt to be blocked that was ultimately returned for a touchdown.

Not a fun day at the office for Steelers special teams coordinator Danny Smith.

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