Steelers Vs Ravens Defensive Charting Notes

Out of a grand total of 70 snaps.

– The Baltimore Ravens ran only two plays in the Steelers’ red zone.  Had only five at or inside their 25. Still dominated.

– Pittsburgh used their base defense on 29 snaps, or 41.4% of the time. I still have to look but imagine that is one of the higher marks this season.

– Four times Sunday the Steelers chose to stay in base against the Ravens’ 11 personnel. Incredibly rare for them to do.

– Five times they went to nickel despite Baltimore being in 21/12 personnel though four of those came on third down. So it makes a little more sense.

Keith Butler rushed 5 or 6 defenders on 19 of 40 opportunities, a whopping 47.5% of the time. Now that is the Butler I knew from last season.

We have him charted for a blitz on 22 chances, or 55% of the time. I believe that is a season high. Sure feels like it.

– A defensive back was sent nine times, or over 40% of all blitzes.

James Harrison recorded four pressures Sunday, accounting for 36% of what the Steelers accomplished as a team. Those pressures came in just 18 pass rushing chances. So a pressure 22% of the time. Impressive.

Artie Burns was targeted seven times, an extremely high number for how we chart things.

Excluding penalty plays, he allowed just one catch on seven targets, though the play against him was Mike Wallace’s 95 yard touchdown (which is also partial to blaming Mike Mitchell).

– Pittsburgh ran that “faux 4-3” their 4-3 over look 17 times against Baltimore. Same number as they did a year ago against San Francisco.

Stephon Tuitt has played the last 113 consecutive snaps for this Steelers’ defense. The only other players to do that are Ross Cockrell and Mitchell.

William Gay played strictly in nickel. Artie Burns was the base corner.

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