James Harrison Back In Weight Room Immediately After Record Game

Come on, did you really expect anything else from James Harrison?

Not even 24 hours after breaking the Pittsburgh Steelers’ all-time sack record, Mike Tomlin saw Harrison in an all-too familiar place Monday morning: the weight room.

“I went down this morning to get a cup of coffee about 7:30. Heard music on in the weight room. Went to see who it as, and it was James Harrison. Less than 24 hours after becoming our all-time sack leader, on a short week, he’s in there doing what he does. There’s a lot to glean from a guy who approaches his business in the manner he does and I know our guys recognize that.”

Harrison is well-known as a gym rat who spends most of his mornings in the weight room. Anyone who follows him on Twitter or Instagram can attest to that.

With his sack yesterday, Harrison surpassed Jason Gildon’s record of 77 QB takedowns. Throw in the two Deebo had in Cincinnati and he’s up to 79.5 sacks in his career. His next half-sack will make him one of 64 players to be part of the 80 sack club.

It’s not just his actions on the field that inspires the players who surround him. It’s his work ethic and willingness to do all the things needed to get ready for a game, like Thursday’s versus Indianapolis, that serves as a call to action for the rest of the locker room.

“They watch everything that he does, on the field and off.”

Harrison is the embodiment of leadership not having to be vocal. It manifests in many forms. Some guys are of the rah-rah nature. The big speech to get everyone motivated. But then there’s the quiet approach. That’s Harrison. A man who won’t say much but you always knows where he stands.

And if it’s early in the moring, you’ll know where he’ll be. The weight room.

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