Week Seven Steelers’ Defensive Charting Notes

Your weekly charting notes from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss vs the New England Patriots.

These are out of 57 plays.

– Breakdown of personnel use.

3-4: 23/57 (40.4%)
Nickel: 31/57 (54.4%)
Dime: 3/57 (5.3%)

– The Patriots ran the ball 12 times to the left side, left guard, left end, and left tackle. They averaged 5.8 yards per carry, and gained 6+ yards four times. No Cameron Heyward is a bad time.

Compare that to them averaging just 3.8 yards per carry to the other side.

– Yards per carry in their 3-4 defense with Javon Hargrave and Daniel McCullers on the field.

Hargrave: 2.9
McCullers: 3.9

– I don’t have the Steelers charted for a single five man rush the entire game. I don’t think that’s ever happened in a game I’ve charted.

They blitzed only four times the entire game. Three of those by Lawrence Timmons, once by Mike Mitchell. It’s a 12.9% blitz rate. But frankly, I have little issue with it. Blitzing Brady just doesn’t work.

– The Steelers still generated a good bit of pressure though, nearly a third of the time. Ten in total. Stephon Tuitt and Jarvis Jones tied for the team lead with two each.

– Tuitt played the final 43 consecutive defensive snaps.

Anthony Chickillo had his hand in the ground 11 times.

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