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Tomlin Wants To Get Clarity On What Brown Can Do After Scoring

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown apparently once again had one pump too many during his post-touchdown celebration Sunday night in the win over the Kansas City Chiefs as he was flagged for it by an official in the end zone. On Tuesday, head coach Mike Tomlin was asked if he will do or say anything to Brown about his celebrations and he had quite an interesting reply.

“I don’t,” said Tomlin. “We’ve got to get some clarity in terms of what’s legal and what’s not. I know that he doesn’t want it to be a negative thing, he wants to provide positive energy for us and entertain our fans, but we’ve got to get detailed clarity about what he can and cannot do. You’ve got to acknowledge that some guys are followed more closely than others. You saw that last night with [Odell] Beckham and AB’s probably one of those guys and he probably needs to respond accordingly.”

Tomlin was then asked what he’d liked to see from the league as far as consistency when it comes to celebrations following scores.

“I’m not passing judgement on how they do their jobs,” said Tomlin. “We’ve got enough issues of our own.”

Sunday night marked the second time this season that Brown has been flagged for an excessive celebration in the end zone following him scoring a touchdown. As I pointed out recently, it appears as though the league has a two pump limit when it comes to Brown’s twerking as Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders wasn’t flagged for his double-pump twerk following a score a few weeks ago in the game against the Denver Broncos. Sanders even admitted that he did is as an homage to Brown’s Week 1 twerk.

As Tomlin pointed out Tuesday, Brown is a very high-profile player just as New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is but with that said, the latter is getting penalized for things that aren’t related to post-scoring celebrations.

If indeed the league has a two-pump limit when it comes to them not considering a celebration sexually suggestive, it really is quite comical and especially when they air scantily dressed cheerleaders on the sidelines immediately after showing touchdown celebrations and then air commercials that are also sexually suggestive.

We’ll find out soon whether or not Brown will be fined for his latest twerk.

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