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Sunday Will Mark Last Time Steelers Will Wear Bumblebee Uniforms

The Pittsburgh Steelers will wear their 1934 throwback uniforms Sunday for their home game against the New York Jets and it will be the final time you’ll see them.

Steelers team president Art Rooney II informed Bob Labriola of of the organization’s decision to pack away the bumblebee uniforms after Sunday’s game.

“This will be the last time we wear them,” Rooney said. “Next year, we will not have a throwback jersey to wear. We are evaluating what we will do in the future. We have some ideas and plans, but we’re really not ready to reveal those yet in terms of what the next throwback will look like.”

The Steelers debuted their 1934 throwbacks in 2012 and since then are 3-2 in the 5 games that they have worn them. According to Labriola, NFL teams must wear new throwbacks for five seasons once they commit to them being an alternate jersey.

Initially, it seemed as though many fans of the Steelers weren’t big fans of the striped jerseys but over time many in that group have come to embrace them. Outside of the numbers being hard to read, I really didn’t mind them.

The Steelers will don their Color Rush uniforms Christmas night when they play the Baltimore Ravens and they will be all-black with gold trim and numbers.

When the Steelers do decide on their next throwbacks, I hope they choose the ones that were worn during the 1966 and 1967 season. Those have been labeled the Batman uniforms as they featured a diamond-shaped gold shoulder yoke that made it look like the players were wearing capes.

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