Steelers Week Four Defensive Charting Notes

Our usual roundup. Tomorrow, we’ll have a full breakdown from the first month of the season. So be on the lookout for that.

– In the first half of Sunday’s win, the Kansas City Chiefs ran just six of 34 snaps in Steelers’ territory.

– The Pittsburgh Steelers were in nickel 85.3% of the time Sunday night. Eight snaps, 10.7%, came with Justin Gilbert on the field, four cornerbacks on the field and only one safety (Jordan Dangerfield was taken off the field).

Artie Burns was targeted four times. Quarterbacks completed two passes for 26 yards.

Javon Hargrave got a lot of playing time, 28 total snaps, but they mostly came in garbage time. Just nine in the first half and they all came as the base nose tackle.

It wasn’t until the second half that he got nickel reps.

L.T. Walton received two snaps Sunday, his first of the season. Steven Johnson is now the only Steelers’ defender not to get at least one defensive snap four weeks in.

– Like last week, James Harrison did not get playtime until the third drive of the game. To be fair, the second drive lasted just one play when Spencer Ware fumbled the football.

– Harrison dropped into coverage 18.8% of the time. Six of 32 snaps. That’s more in-line of what it should be as opposed to the 30% he had during the season.

Cam Heyward got 23 snaps off. Stephon Tuitt got 15 snaps off. Long breaks for a pair of guys who were, predictably, playing a ton of football so far.

– Pittsburgh allowed just two plays of 20+ yards. One of those came at the end of the first half, the other with three minutes left in the game. Huge improvement over last week.

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