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Report: Steelers Asking League About Suh Kick

Update on what we wrote yesterday regarding Ndamukong Suh’s potential kick of Ben Roethlisberger late in Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Per Gerry Dulac, the Pittsburgh Steelers have sent the video of the play to the league.

Ray Fittipaldo added another layer to the story over at the PPG. Ben Roethlisberger apparently said to either his teammates or the officials right after the play that Suh had kicked him.

“I heard Ben saying ‘He kicked me,’ but I didn’t really see it until we watched the film,” according to David DeCastro via Fittipaldo.

It’s not known if Suh has been or will be fined for the incident. Roethlisberger’s bigger injury was to his left knee, suffered in the first half, but told reporters after the game he had injured his right knee late in the game. This appears to be the play.

He said after the game he had suffered bruising on his right knee. Here’s what Roethlisberger told reporters after the game.

“Yeah someone’s knee hit right on the inside of my knee. It’s already black and blue. So that’ll feel great tomorrow.”

It’s not an injury that would’ve kept him out against the New England Patriots but it wouldn’t excuse any dirty tactic, if the league does conclude that’s what happens. Suh would be subject to a fine and given his history of kicks and stomps, it could be a hefty one.

We’ll update you if the league issues any sort of punishment.

The play in question, in case you missed it.



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