Watch: Ladarius Green Forced To Pickup $4K Dinner Tab

Talk about insult to injury.

Forced to sit out the first half of the season with an ankle injury, Ladarius Green’s wallet is now roughly $4,000 lighter after last night.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ tight end was forced to pick up the team’s dinner tab in their night out Saturday, drawing the short straw in “credit card roulette” where one member of the waitstaff picks a credit card and the man who is footing the bill.

Stephon Tuitt posted the video of the moment on Instagram.

Green is the winner this week!!!! #DOITTUITT #freemealthanksgreen

A post shared by Stephon Tuitt (@stuitt) on

….and freeze frame.


That bearded blur is the agony of defeat.

We didn’t know exactly how large the tab was until Antonio Brown posted the bill on his Snapchat account. The final total? $4039.59.


Included in that was a cool $630.83 in a tip.

From the portion of the bill posted, it looks like the most expensive item was a $147 16 ounce lobster.

That means roughly 5.5% of this week’s game check is going to uh, food costs.

If Green’s head didn’t hurt before, it certainly does now.

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