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New Contract Details For Steelers G David DeCastro

The Pittsburgh Steelers extended the contract of guard David DeCastro last week and now that the deal has been filed with the NFLPA, the full numbers and structure are now known thanks to information provided by an agent.

DeCastro, who received $50 million in new money as part of his five-year extension, will have a base salary in 2016 of $2.07 million. His base salaries for the final five years are scheduled to be $1.1 million, $3.79 million, $7.07 million, $8.75 million and $8.75 million, respectively.

Being as DeCastro’s cap number in 2016 was originally scheduled to be $8.07 million prior to his extension, the Steelers were able to clear $2.8 million in salary cap space this season due to giving him a new contract.

In addition to the $16 million signing bonus that DeCastro received as part of his new deal, he’s also scheduled to earn roster bonuses of $6.75 million in March of 2017 and $3.79 million in March of 2018. It will now be interesting to see if that $6.75 million that DeCastro is due in March is ultimately restructured and thus paid to him as a signing bonus in order to lower is 2017 salary cap charge. Such a restructure would clear $5.4 million in salary cap space should the team deem that transaction necessary.

In the first three years of his new contract, DeCastro will pocket $33.5 million.

2016 $2,070,000 $3,200,000 $0 $5,270,000
2017 $1,100,000 $3,200,000 $6,750,000 $11,050,000
2018 $3,790,000 $3,200,000 $3,790,000 $10,780,000
2019 $7,070,000 $3,200,000 $0 $10,270,000
2020 $8,750,000 $3,200,000 $0 $11,950,000
2021 $8,750,000 $0 $0 $8,750,000
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