Danny Smith Upset Over Antonio Brown’s TD Celebration

In the moment, it’s hard not to have a laugh over Antonio Brown’s touchdown twerk. It was good for a chuckle and about 100 Internet memes.

But one guy who wasn’t happy with it? Special teams coach Danny Smith. Because Brown made his job a whole lot tougher.

In Smith’s interview with Bob Labriola on SNR’s Coordinator’s Corner, he repeatedly expressed his displeasure over what Brown did.

“A guy scores, that’s legal. You can celebrate. It’s the additions that come to it and it’s something where I have just a philosophy here in Pittsburgh that, we’re a pretty good football team. And if we don’t beat ourselves, we’re always going to have a chance. And that’s a situation where you beat yourself.”

Brown was flagged for his sexually charged gesture. Sure, you can point out the league’s hypocrisy, the cheerleaders, the Viagra commercials that run every 11 seconds, but it isn’t going to make Smith feel any better.

“We can’t kick our own butts. So first of all, we don’t want to be put in our situation.”

Following the penalty, the Steelers were forced to kickoff from their own 20. It led to the only Washington kick return of the day, taken out to their 32. They’d end the drive with a field goal and as Smith points out, their first signs of life of the half.

“By the way, that was the drive that they had and they got a field goal out of it. They got a little bit of momentum because they moved the ball. So we tried to beat our own butt in that situation.”

The Steelers would punt the ball away after the field goal and Washington marched down for a touchdown, making it a one possession game, and Steelers’ Nation holding their breath. The Steelers’ offense, Brown included, controlled the tempo the rest of the game.

Clearly, listening to Smith in the interview, Brown’s actions irked him. And he might want to think twice the next time he busts out his dance moves. Or stay far, far away from Smith on the sideline.

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