Bloggers In Basements Talking Steelers: Live Stream

Spent last night playing around with stream options after first testing out our film breakdown of Ryan Shazier in the afternoon. Know it’s Saturday and a lot of people aren’t around but wanted to try something else with it. In the link below, is a stream/chat/Steelers game.

I’ll hang out on there for a little bit so feel free to fire away any of your Steelers’ questions either in the Youtube chat or in the comments section below. We’ll throw up some Steelers film, maybe go over a couple things, especially if you have something in particular you want to see talked about.

So pull up a chair. Crack open a beer. This is our riff on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. And I hope you like it.

The stream will start up in 15 minutes and probably last a half hour, or however long people stick around. I’ll post the link when it kicks up.


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