Steelers Pull Hilarious “Birthday” Prank On DeAngelo Williams

If you’ve been at camp or have been following our notes, you’ll notice one sudden tradition this year was to wish and sing DeAngelo Williams “Happy Birthday” every day. The 33 year old was born in April, but according to Cam Heyward, he is an old man who should be celebrated every day.

So some pranksters took things one step farther, placing 750 balloons in D-Will’s dorm room. The running back recorded everything and posted it to Twitter.

Williams’ exchanges with James Harrison are the best.

“That’s love.”
“That’s not love, Deebo.”

Like he writes, it’s only a matter of time until D-Will exacts his revenge on someone else. And Williams is a crafty guy.

Away from the field, this is one of the best aspects of camp. Team bonding moments like this that you won’t get by practicing at the team facility and going home every night. And after seven intense practices, you need some fun to break up the daily grind camp brings.

I just wonder what poor rookie was tasked with blowing up 750 balloons.

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