OL vs DL One-On-Ones: Charted Results (Updated)

Something new I wanted to add to this year’s training camp coverage. We’ve been recapping the skill players stats, and we’ll do so again (look for that tomorrow), but I wanted to show love to everyone else too. So since I have logged basically every OL/DL rep, I figured the smart thing to do was tally it all up and present it with a neat little bow to make the results a little more digestible.

As you’ll see below, we’ll have broken down the wins, losses, and ties for every offensive linemen and defensive end/outside linebacker.

Bear in mind that these are just numbers and like any data, they don’t carry a lot of context with them. I also haven’t broken it down into a player vs player basis. That’s just so much work to sift through. If someone really wants to do that and prove their work, send it to me and I’ll post it up. Go through the diaries, they are all there for you to comb through. And this, to be clear, does not factor in any of the backs on ‘backers work.

Ok let’s get to the OL vs DL breakdown.

Player Wins Losses Ties Win %
Jerald Hawkins 12 6 0 66.7%
B.J. Finney 8 5 0 61.5%
Chris Hubbard 9 2 1 79.2%
Cody Wallace 0 9 1 5%
Brian Mihalik 7 5 0 58.3%
Ramon Foster 6 2 0 75%
Alejandro Villanueva 5 2 1 68.8%
Valerian Ume-Ezeoke 5 3 0 62.5%
Matt Feiler 4 4 0 50%
Cole Manhart 5 1 1 78.6%
Ryan Harris 4 3 0 57.1%
Marcus Gilbert 3 3 1 50%
David DeCastro 5 1 0 83.3%

Now, the same for the defense.

Player Wins Losses Ties Win %
Anthony Chickillo 7 6 0 53.8%
Jordan Zumwalt 4 6 0 40%
Javon Hargrave 7 5 0 58.3%
Daniel McCullers 6 2 1 72.2%
Cam Heyward 2 6 0 25%
Mike Reilly 2 6 0 25%
Ricardo Mathews 1 4 1 25%
Lavon Hooks 1 6 0 14.3%
Roy Philon 1 6 0 14.3%
Arthur Moats 3 3 0 50%
Travis Feeney 1 5 0 16.7%
Stephon Tuitt 1 4 0 20%
Devaunte Sigler 4 0 0 100%
Caushaud Lyons 3 1 1 70%
L.T. Walton 1 3 0 25%
Jarvis Jones 0 3 1 12.5%
Bud Dupree 1 1 1 50%
Giorgio Newberry 0 3 0 0%
Johnny Maxey 0 3 0 0%

Your final total results for each side.

Offense: 73-46-5 = 60.9%

Defense: 45-74-5 = 38.3%

Yes, I know there is a discrepancy of one in the win/loss. Not sure if there is an oversight or me missing parts of reps (there are instances of that, i.e. – #66 won the rep, don’t have recorded vs who). But it’s so minor, not worth looking back for.

Now to some analysis.

The best percentages for each side. On offense, it’s David DeCastro’s 83.3% win percentage. Defensively, it’s Devaunte Sigler’s perfect record with Daniel McCullers second at 72.2% (and more than twice the sample size).

The worst? Cody Wallace’s 5% (that’s for real, kinda crazy to see loss after loss charting it) and a couple of goose eggs for low-tier DL. Lavon Hooks and Roy Philon have the worst for players with a decent sample size.

Chris Hubbard has come on strong, especially with two wins yesterday against Javon Hargrave, which bumped the rookie’s impressive figure down a couple pegs. Coming into Friday night, Hargrave was 6-1.

Anthony Chickillo’s 7-6 record may not look fantastic, though it’s way above the average defensive win percentage, but also understand he’s taken a lot of those reps against Alejandro Villanueva, who is going to win on sheer strength half the time, especially on any bull rushes.

We know that Cam Heyward/Ramon Foster and David DeCastro/Stephon Tuitt only go against each other so you can stratify that. I wouldn’t make much of the results though. Especially Heyward. He basically does the same spin move every time and if I had to guess, he’s just working on adding it to his arsenal or Foster wants to rep defending it so when Geno Atkins pulls it on him, he’s better prepared. I don’t think Heyward is actively trying to win, there’s not much to be gained there.


Reader Davey J (@DaveyJ_NFL)  put in some mad work to stratify the OL/DL on a player-by-player basis. He sent it over in an Excel sheet and I’ve taken screen shots of each below. We did update two small numbers, taking away one loss from Zumwalt and one win from Mathews. You can view his results below which again, was tremendous work. So give him a shoutout.




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