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James Harrison Officially Cleared In NFL PED Investigation

It shouldn’t but this feels like Christmas morning.

Finally. The day has come.

The NFL has publicly announced they have cleared James Harrison and the other players named in Al Jazeera’s PED report.

This ends a long saga and standoff between the league, player, and union. Harrison, under the threat of suspension for non-cooperation, finally spoke with league officials in Pittsburgh last week. The meeting lasted roughly 40 minutes.

Reports said the league had no other credible evidence besides the original report, much of which was quickly recanted by Charlie Sly.

Roger Goodell and the league had previously spoken with Peyton Manning, now retired but the focal point of the initial report, and cleared him.

The league did not seem to make mention of Mike Neal, who has yet to talk to the league. But for Harrison, he can finally move past this trumped up story. So can the rest of us.

Harrison, 38, is three sacks away from surpassing Jason Gildon as the Steelers’ all-time franchise sacks leader.

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