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Antonio Brown On Proposed Car Bet: ‘Brandon Marshall Don’t Own A Porsche’

Remember that car bet that New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall proposed to Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown last week? Well, it appears as though Marshall really doesn’t have a Porsche to bet at all.

In a Wednesday interview on ESPN’s “First Take”, Brown was asked if the bet between Marshall and himself is indeed going to happen.

“First off, Brandon Marshall don’t own a Porsche, that Porsche was actually a Jets car,” said Brown. “So, tell Brandon to call me when he’s for real. Maybe he could buy my fans dinner every end of the day that starts with a “Y.”

Marshall had proposed a bet for what he claimed was his Jets-themed Porsche against Brown’s Rolls Royce that revolved around which of the two had more receiving yards during the 2016 season. Last season, Marshall finished fourth in the NFL with 1,502 receiving yards while Brown finished second with 1,834.

It will now be interesting to see if Marshall responds to Brown’s claim and if he has anything else of value he’d like to put up, or in his case, lose.

It sounds like Marshall is writing checks that the Jets can’t cash.

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