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Watch: Eli Rogers Posts Beach Workout Video

This offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers are hitting the beach. But not to work on their tan. To work out.

We’ve already seen James Harrison and Robert Golden play Danneyball on their sandy volleyball courts. And Demarcus Ayers running routes in a sandpit.

Now, Eli Rogers has actually made his way to the ocean and yesterday, posted this video of him working on his footwork. Do want to offer up one warning over some NSFW language that appears to be accompanied in the video. Make sure those headphones are plugged in if the boss/kid/great-grandma are around.

Clockwork in the sand. The warmup. #HardWorkPaysOff #bELIeve

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It’s not certain where Rogers is working out at but it’s likely he’s down in Miami, Florida. It’s his hometown, he had committed to play at The U before following Teddy Bridgewater to Louisville – and where so many athletes spend their summer. Maybe he even got to put in some work with Antonio Brown, who has spent plenty of time in and near South Beach this summer.

It feels like most of our content about Rogers has focused around the videos he’s shared to social media. That is, in part, because of how so little actual tape there is on him since joining the Steelers as a UDFA after last year’s draft. He practiced for only about two weeks before suffering a foot injury, one that’s plagued him since high school and got some long overdue surgery on.

He’s in a fierce battle for the 5th and presumably final wide receiver spot, who may also function as the team’s punt return. He and Ayers share that background though Ayers exhibited better big play ability. College backgrounds and tape won’t mean much come July 29th, the team’s first practice. Only what these players show on the game’s biggest stage matters now.

But it’s safe to say that both are doing all they can to prepare themselves for the start of training camp and essentially, their careers.

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