Video: Bill Cowher Breaks Down The Cover 3 Defense

No mater who the coach is, it’s always fun to watch them discuss the inner workings of offensive and defensive schemes. It’s even better if that coach is Bill Cowher.

In a recent video on Real Football Network, Cowher, who was the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach from 1992 to 2006, thoroughly broke down a Cover 3 defense with site owner and current SiriusXM NFL show host Pat Kirwan.

While many of you already know quite a bit about the Cover-3 defense, Cowher makes sure to go over the roles of the defensive linemen in this video and especially when wide receiver motion or a a split out by a running back or tight end occurs pre snap. He also talks about how opposing offenses attempt to exploit this kind of defensive coverage as well. Watch this video a few times as you’re likely to learn something new.

If you are not already a subscriber of Kirwan’s site, you should be as it is well worth the annual cost of $29.95.

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