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Kevin Colbert, Omar Khan Earn Promotions

Little bit of house keeping today. And while it doesn’t change anyone’s role in the team, it does mean Kevin Colbert and Omar Khan are going to have to update their business cards. Colbert is now listed as a Vice President of the team while Khan has been given the title of Vice President of Football Business and Administration.

You can also see that change reflected on the Steelers’ official website, their two names listed first under Football Operations.

Again, these are just changes in title, not role or power. But maybe they come with a pay raise, definitely so for Khan, and serves as a reward to two people who have been instrumental in building the roster. Colbert was hired in 2000 and earned the first “General Manager” title in team history back in 2011.

Khan was hired just one year later at the age of 24 and has moved up the ranks. He is the person in charge structuring contracts and generally managing the cap. He’s even gotten a couple looks as a general manager for other teams. It’s probably what led to the hiring of Samir Suleiman, the potential heir should Khan ever take another job.

This may be the least important news on Day One of training camp but it’s news that’s happened to two important members of the Steelers’ organization.

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