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James Harrison Is Tired Of Answering Questions About PED Investigation

The NFL has yet to schedule Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison for an interview to discuss the PED use allegations made against him during a 2015 report by Al Jazeera. Now, the veteran is done talking about the subject as the team prepares for their third training camp practice on Sunday.

After being asked about the league’s investigation Sunday morning by the media, Harrison declined to answer the question and reportedly abruptly ended his session. He did, however, warn the group of reporters ahead of time not to ask him any questions related to the subject.

“If you wanna ask me about the PED thing, I’m not talking about it,” Harrison said, according to Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Twitter.

This isn’t a bit surprising when it comes to Harrison as he’s probably already tired of discussing this subject every time he makes himself available to the media. Until any new developments happen, expect him to continue halting interviews in the future. He gave a warning and it was not heeded.

The league has stated that Harrison faces discipline should he ultimately not comply with their interview request and the same goes for Green Bay Packers linebackers Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and current free agent linebacker Mike Neal. The NFLPA, however, has advised the players to not grant the league’s request until they provide evidence that interviews are really warranted.

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