3 Weeks Until Training Camp: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you once again and I hope you managed to make it through another week in one piece with your sanity. We still have a little less than three weeks to go until the Pittsburgh Steelers report to training camp so hopefully we’ll have a few more songs from running back Le’Veon Bell to dissect and keep us busy between now and then.

I’m pleased to report that we received Toby’s ashes back this week after losing him a week ago Tuesday. It may sound funny, but it has indeed brought me and my wife some sort of comfort and closure. I’m not sure when we’ll be ready, but I look forward to getting another dog over the course of the next year.

Unless you have any pressing plans tonight besides watching the Pittsburgh Pirates game against the Chicago Cubs, I hope several of you will take time to answer the five questions that I have for you on this Friday night. Man, these are tough to come up with during the dead time of the offseason.

Have a great weekend and peace and love to all of you.

1 – The NFL Network just wrapped up their Top 100 players for 2016 this past week and this year it included Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, Bell and Cameron Heyward. Assuming those 4 Steelers will make the list again next year in addition to one more player, which player has the best shot at being the fifth?

2 – Alex Kozora and I broke down the Steelers running backs on the Friday podcast and had a long discussion about the over/under related to the total amount of touches (rushes+catches) Bell will have in 2016. If I set the number at 340, would you take the over or the under?

3 – Steelers fullback Roosevelt Nix had quite a 2015 season but he unfortunately wound up missing the playoffs with a foot injury. How big of difference do you think he would have made had he been able to play in the playoff loss against the Denver Broncos? Big, moderate, or none?

4 – We are considering ranking the Steelers defensive sacks in 2016 by quality in our annual charting project. If we do that, would you like to see a grade on a scale of 1-3, or 1-5?

5 – With 3 weeks to go until training camp, we are always looking for new content ideas. Is there anything in particular you would like to see us write about or breakdown between now and then?

Bonus – Will the Pirates make the playoffs this year?

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