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Steelers LB James Harrison Receives Notice Of Another Random Steroid Test

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is once again being randomly tested for steroids.

Harrison, who made quite a stir nationally a few weeks ago when he tried to videotape his last random test, posted the news of his forthcoming test on Twitter Tuesday afternoon and he noted that it’s curious he was informed about it less than two hours after the NFL Twitter account was hacked. Part of that hacking included a fake tweet that stated NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had passed away.

Harrison, if you recall, doesn’t have a great relationship with Goodell.

After contacting NFLPA Executive Director Demaurice Smith following his last random test, Harrison quickly received a response that stated that in most cases, players are allowed to film the process.

“Despite what [Steelers linebacker James Harrison] was told, and what has been reported, our drug policy regarding specimen collection rules does not specifically prohibit the video taping of a drug test,” Smith wrote in the letter to NFL players.

Smith, however, did point out that players should be familiar with local laws related to a person’s ability to videotape another person without their consent.

The fact that Harrison has been tested quite often as of late sure makes it seem like he’s not being selected randomly. It will be interesting to see if he’s allowed to videotape this next one.

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