Shazier Beats Brown, Wheaton, And Coates In Race

We all know Ryan Shazier is fast.

But faster than Antonio Brown? Markus Wheaton? Sammie Coates?

The Pittsburgh Steelers tested that theory out today. And the answer is yes, Shazier is faster than any of them.

Brown, with Vince Williams as your cameraman, posted a video on his Snapchat of the 40 yard dash. And it appears that Shazier was the victor.

Add Brown to check it out (ab84official is his account), but I grabbed the best screenshot I could. Not easy when those guys are moving that fast.


That’s Shazier on the right, neck and neck with the others. He’d pull away by a step by the end. Keep in mind he’s about 20 pounds heavier than Coates and more than 30 pounds heavier than Brown or Wheaton.

Williams chimed in with his thoughts.

After today, you can say with confidence that that’s a fact.

If you’re curious, the 40 times they all ran. We’ll take the fastest one, Combine or Pro Day.

Ryan Shazier: 4.38
Sammie Coates: 4.43
Markus Wheaton: 4.45
Antonio Brown: 4.48

UPDATE: Here’s the photo finish evidence.

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