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Shaun Suisham Hints That His NFL Career Is Over

The Pittsburgh Steelers parted ways with longtime veteran kicker Shaun Suisham on Friday due to an injury setback and it appears as though his NFL career is now over.

Suisham released a long statement on Friday following his release from the Steelers.

“Unfortunately, the injury I sustained in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game last preseason was catastrophic and has proven to be critical to continuing my career. My journey in the NFL has come to a crossroads.

I was raised in Wallaceburg, Ontario, as a hockey player and have been on an improbable 16-year journey as a kicker, competing at the highest level. The absolute nature of my position has given me the opportunity to test my resolve, and I have grown both professionally and as a man.

Undoubtedly, I will miss the challenge of game day and the preparation that is required. Change is hard, but I’m comfortable with where I am in life as a husband and father.

I wuill always be grateful to every team and coach that has given me an opportunity to compete in the NFL. I am especially grateful to everyone – teammates, coaches and fans – in our adopted hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.”

Best always,

Shaun Suisham and Family

It’s sad that Suisham’s long career will seemingly come to an end now as a result of a serious knee injury suffered during a meaningless game on a field not suitable to play on.

As many of you know by now, several Steelers players have since blamed the 11-year-old FieldTurf at Tom Benson Stadium in Canton, Ohio, for causing the injuries to Suisham’s left knee, a torn ACL and meniscus, in last year’s Hall of Fame game against the Minnesota Vikings. Hopefully this will lead to better playing conditions at this location in the future.

Suisham will be missed.

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