Roethlisberger, Tomlin Want To Go For Two Every Time

Mike Tomlin is never one to live in his fears.

And no quarterback has ever turned down the chance to put up more points.

So it’s a perfect marriage for the Pittsburgh Steelers to continue their aggressiveness on two-point conversions. And if the words from Ben Roethlisberger today are an indication, you’ll see even more of it than last year. Because both apparently have no problem with going for two points after every touchdown.

Several reporters have tweeted Ben’s comments out today, including Chris Adamski and Dale Lolley.

Combing through our charting data courtesy of Matthew Marczi, the Steelers converted 8/12 two point attempts last season. They were, by far, the most frequent in the league last season. That success should motivate them to keep that mindset in 2016 and as these comments indicate, they have.

Given their high-powered offense, new extra point rules, and poor weather at the end of the season, it makes sense for the Steelers to keep the pedal on the floor. There certainly is a risk in rolling the dice but converting forces teams to match and creates decisions opposing coaches rarely think about – to immediately go for two in turn or wait until later in the game.

I’m sure Pittsburgh won’t go for two every time in 2016 but if these comments hold true, you could see the Steelers go for two upwards of 25 times.

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