Carnell Lake On Brandon Boykin: He Had A Degenerative Hip Condition

I know the Brandon Boykin uh, saga, has been at times, a tiresome one, but this is some actual useful information today.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are holding their Men’s Fantasy Football Camp today. Carnell Lake spent a lot of time with the group and apparently told the team the reason why Brandon Boykin has bounced around the league so much.

According to Craig Scott, Boykin has, in Lake’s words, a “degenerative hip condition” and one leg longer than the other. Here are the two tweets Scott sent out.

And here’s a photo of the group in the room with Lake.

This would confirm the speculation from last month that Boykin was dealing with a hip problem, leading to his release by the Carolina Panthers and the decision of the Atlanta Falcons not to sign him.

The cornerback was listed on the Steelers’ injury report with knee and groin injuries but never a hip, though if it’s a chronic issue, it would make sense that Boykin wouldn’t be listed.

I reached out to Scott on Twitter. He told me that Lake prompted the discussion on Boykin on his own after talking about the players he’s coached in the past (Gay, Troy, etc).

“Ok been asked about this guy all the time. Now that he’s not [with] us I can talk about it a little more.” Scott tells me were Lake’s words.

Lake told the room he felt bad for Boykin but that he was happy he got his signing bonus in Carolina. Of course, that signing bonus was the minimum of $80K.

With Pittsburgh, he recorded 21 tackles and intercepted one pass. He still remains a free agent.

It may have taken almost an entire year but we have finally understood the reason why he struggled to see the field in Pittsburgh and why his free agent market has been as cold as it is.

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