Ask Alex: Steelers’ Mailbag

Good news, everybody!

The McLumina passed for inspection. I’m as shocked as anyone. I still live with the fear the car will just disintegrate at any moment But now I have a sticker to pretend that my car is as good as yours.

To your Steelers’ questions!

John Noh: Alex, what are the chances of Vince Williams getting a contract extension before the season?

Alex: I actually thought about it the other day so it’s funny that you mention it. While I’d personally like to see it, I really doubt it happens. Usually don’t do extensions with those low-tier types of players. And I don’t think Bell/AB/DeCastro would like to see someone else get paid first.

draframe1: If you had to play one down for the Steelers what position and situation would it be?

Alex: Oh God, I think I broke an ankle just thinking about it. Hopefully the one that can do the least amount of damage to the team. So sign me up for the left wing on field goals with a 41-0 lead.

I’d really love to play QB for the Ravens. Give the Steelers an easy win. That’s for the best.

pittsburghjoe: Alex, the diehards seem to look at Bell with black and gold colored sunglasses. What impact will his injury and drug history have on the Steelers desire to give him big money?

Alex: I dunno, I think it’s hard to say any of those off the field things are going to sway them enough, unless something actually does happen with this drug test rumor.

I think he’s going to be the second highest paid back in the league. He’s not going to accept less than that because of his problems. So the Steelers options are to make him the second highest paid back in the league or don’t pay him at all, letting him go into free agency. And I can’t see them letting him walk.

Bill Sechrengost: The Steelers have a lot of DL in camp (12 by my count). Is there anyway you would see that McCullers doesn’t make the team?

Alex: Nah, really no chance. It sounds like McCullers is going to enter the season as the starter. That’s the expectation anyway. So it’s hard to see him fall so hard. It’s nice to have someone who has been in the system and without McCullers, you’re left with Hargrave – a rookie – and I’m not sure who else. Even if it is Mathews (I don’t think he’s fit to play the nose in base), it’s a new guy.

Even assuming McCullers face plants and loses his job, he’ll stick. Just like Shamarko did. So Big Dan has one more year. What a crucial year for so many of these players on defense. McCullers. Shazier. Jarvis. All guys who need to play consistently and play well. We’re going to learn a lot.

Peter MacDonald: Assuming Boz wins the job, what’s the return for Sushi?

Alex: Depends on how healthy Suisham looks and how well he performs. It’s a decent contract for a team to take on too at a time when not a lot of teams have space. I’m thinking it’ll just be a 7th.

John Schneider: Does jarvis Jones play like a man on fire this year.. a conract year ?

Alex: Sure, he’ll be properly motivated. But that implies he wasn’t before, and I don’t believe that’s the case. Jones has never dogged it out there. He works hard. He’s improved. Certainly not underachieving. So I don’t think it really matters how motivated it is. I’d be pumped to play for Pittsburgh. I’d still suck.

D.j. Hoy: Given the amount of 2 DL sets they run- would you rule out the Steelers going in to the season with 5 DL (Heyward, Tuitt, McCullers, Hargrave, Mathews) if the battle for a spot at a different position is too close?

Alex: I don’t rule it out at all. I think it’s a great point. Walton and Lyons have done very little to warrant a spot. They have to earn it just in the way Feeney/Matakevich/Chickillo have to. And you know that the LBs are more of an asset on special teams. The 6th DL is probably inactive anyway so sure, I can see only five being kept.

Matt Manzo: What’s the best news you’ve heard from OTAs and mini camps, so far?
And what’s the most upsetting? Or curve ball thing you’ve heard?

Alex: Well, I really haven’t heard much. Everyone has to be tight-lipped. I think Golson is back in practice so that’s good news. I was a little worried.

Not much has been upsetting or surprising to me. But this is the optimistic part of the offseason.

Thanks for stopping by this week everyone.

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