Watch – Ask Alex: The Very Terrible Podcast Edition

Thanks again to everyone who so quickly submitted their questions for this very low-tech edition of the podcast, which I’m calling The Very Terrible Podcast. We’ll sprinkle this into the mix while Dave Bryan tours the countryside. Wanted to keep some video/audio version of Pittsburgh Steelers’ talk going until Dave gets settled in.

Just a couple of quick notes before I link the video at the bottom.

As it always seems to happen, as soon as I started this video, I got one of those tickles in the back of my throat. So I end up coughing right around the ten minute mark and the audio gets pretty loud for that second. So if you’re listening with headphones or whatever, you may have to keep an eye on that so your Monday at work doesn’t start with me coughing loudly in your ears.

I had gone back and forth on how many offensive linemen the Steelers are currently carrying. With the Mike Adams release, they are now at 14.

Anyway, here’s my Q&A. Lasts a little over 50 minutes. Let me know your feedback and any type of videos you’d like to see in the future. Feel free to subscribe to my channel for any future videos. Not listed here but there are pre and post-draft videos I did with some of my friends from Clarion.

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