Video: Steelers CB Artie Burns 2015 Miami Pass Targets (Games 5-8)

In this post we will continue on looking at the pass targets that new Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Artie Burns faced last season at the University of Miami. In case you missed the first post and video that covered Burns’ first 4 games of the 2015 season, you can find it here.

In these four games against Florida State, Virginia Tech, Clemson and Duke, STATS has Burns being targeted 19 times in total. He allowed 8 catches for 111 yards and a touchdown on these targets in addition to committing two pass interference penalties.

I think you will notice that on several of these plays that Burns was playing cover-3 and a few catches are probably unfairly charged to him as being “burns.” I will let you be the judge and wanted to show you what STATS has him down for as far as catches allowed.

In the next video that I will be posting in the next few days I will show you all of the targets Burns faced in his final four games of the 2015 season.

FSU 3Q 3-7 at FSU 39 Jesus Wilson I
FSU 4Q 3-G at UM 14 Jesus Wilson C  6
FSU 4Q 3-8 at FSU 18 Jesus Wilson C  20  Y
VT 2Q 1-10 at UM 16 Isaiah Ford I
VT 3Q 1-10 at UM 30 Cam Phillips INT
VT 4Q 2-12 at UM 33 Isaiah Ford C  33  Y
VT 4Q 1-10 at VT 27 Isaiah Ford INT
CU 1Q 2-2 at CU 44 Charone Peake C  9  Y
CU 1Q 2-5 at CU 21 Charone Peake C  8 Y
CU 2Q 2-4 at CU 44 Charone Peake I
DU 1Q 3-3 at DU 33 Johnell Barnes I Y  PI
DU 1Q 3-4 at DU 39 Anthony Nash I
DU 2Q 2-5 at DU 49 Terrence Alls C  6  Y
DU 3Q 3-7 at DU 28 Anthony Nash C  14  Y
DU 4Q 3-3 at UM 49 Anthony Nash I
DU 4Q 4-3 at UM 49 Anthony Nash I
DU 4Q 2-8 at UM 40 Erich Schneider I
DU 4Q 3-14 at UM 31 Terrence Alls C 15  Y
DU 4Q 1-10 at DU 44 Johnell Barnes I  Y  PI
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