Video: Steelers CB Artie Burns 2015 Miami Pass Targets (Games 1-4)

I have finally made it through all of the games that new Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Artie Burns played in last season at the University of Miami. During that complete tape viewing I also identified all of the times he was targeted in coverage.

While I have not yet compiled all of those targets to video, I have them all done through the first four games and you can watch them below. Additionally, I have the play-by-play stat breakdown of all of these 20 targets.

As you can see Burns allowed 11 catches in these four games for a total of 104 yards and one touchdown. Pay close attention as to how many times Burns plays off versus bump and run.

I will be presenting the rest of Burns’ 2015 targets in two future videos.

BCU 1Q 3-7 at BCU 33 Jawill Davis C 10  Y
BCU 3Q 2-10 at UM 23 Frank Brown INT
FAU 1Q 1-10 at FAU 35 Jenson Stoshak C  7
FAU 1Q 1-10 at FAU 46 Nate Terry I
FAU 1Q 3-G at UM 6 Jenson Stoshak I
FAU 1Q 2-8 at FAU 19 Kalib Woods C  13  Y
FAU 1Q 2-8 at FAU 45  Tyler Cameron C  17 Y
FAU 3Q 1-10 at UM 34 Jenson Stoshak I
FAU 3Q 3-16 at UM 22 Kamrin Solomon C  7
FAU 3Q 1-10 at FAU 26 Jenson Stoshak INT
NEB 2Q 2-10 at UM 14 Stanley Morgan Jr. INT
NEB 3Q 1-10 at NEB 25 Brandon Reilly I
NEB 3Q 1-10 at UM 22 Jordan Westerkamp C 22 Y
NEB 4Q 3-8 at NEB 27 Stanley Morgan Jr. C 10 Y
NEB 4Q 3-10 at NEB 20 Jordan Westerkamp C 21 Y
NEB 4Q 2-3 at NEB 48 Stanley Morgan Jr. C  33  Y
NEB 4Q 2-10 at UM 19 Sam Cotton I
NEB 4Q 2-6 at NEB 17 Brandon Reilly C 41 Y
CIN 2Q 2-5 at CIN 25 Mekale McKay C  8  Y
CIN 3Q 1-10 at CIN 33 Shaq Washington I
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