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Steelers Add Scouting Assistant

This is the time of the offseason where each organization’s scouting departments are assessed. People are hired, fired, promoted elsewhere. The Pittsburgh Steelers have made their first move, a minor one, hiring Denzel Martin as a scouting assistant.

Martin tweeted out the announcement three days ago and it was picked up by Dan Hatman’s Scouting Tracker today.

Martin spent four years as a linebacker at Missouri. His playing time was minimal and according to his bio, made just one career tackle. That came during his senior season with the Tigers. The Columbia Tribune wrote an awesome feature piece on Martin. Click the link to read the whole article but it shares two very cool nuggets. The first shows his football IQ and ability to help the team despite rarely playing.

“[Martin] told me, ‘Hey [DE Markus Golden], watch his foot. If his foot’s back real far, he’s stepping back,’ ” Golden said. “I was able to sack Johnny Manziel because of him. He’ll be a great coach someday.”

Martin also turned down a scholarship offer “because he felt some other player could use it more.”

It’s unknown if any of the current Steelers’ scouting members have been fired or left for another job. As of this writing, the list on the team website has remain unchanged. They have not officially listed Martin’s hire, either.

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