Steelers “Inside The Pylon” Mock War Room

The Depot gang of Dave Bryan, Luc Polglaze, Josh Carney, and myself linked up with the great people over at Inside The Pylon as part of their Mock Draft War Room series. A group of two to four people for each team act as the general manager, head coach, and coordinators to simulate a real draft day discussion, concluding in the final pick. So that’s what what we did and you can take a listen to the process below.

It was, admittedly, a little chaotic and those 15 minutes go by incredibly fast. Excited and hopeful to continue this for next year and learn from some of the mistakes made in this first go around.

Want to point out we actually recorded this about a month ago, so we didn’t have access or knowledge to any visits/news/changes in opinion from late March until present day.

If you liked listening to us, you can go back and listen to the war room for the previous 24 picks. Be sure to check out Inside The Pylon, led by Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda. They do fantastic work and it’s a site well worth your time.

The link to the audio is found below.

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