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Steelers Draft Day Trade History Shows Move Down In First Round Probably Unlikely

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With the 2016 NFL Draft now just a little more than 24 hours from getting underway in Chicago, the annual speculation as to whether or not the Pittsburgh Steelers will participate in any trades during the annual college selection event is now in full swing.

During his Monday pre-draft press conference, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert made it clear that the team is very unlikely to trade up in the first round. He did, however, leave open the possibility of the Steelers trading down in the first round as one would expect. With that noted, speculation is rampant that the Steelers might trade down to the 31st overall selection in round one with the Denver Broncos so that they can draft a quarterback. That trade speculation includes the Steelers trading their No. 25 and 229th overall picks for the Broncos No. 31, 94 and 157th overall picks in this year’s draft.

Now, while that trade speculation certainly would seem to make sense for both teams, the Steelers would only likely do so if they felt comfortable that at least one player they are interested in drafting would still be on the board come their time to make the 31st overall selection in the first round. Hello, Captain Obvious!

During Colbert’s time in Pittsburgh, he has only traded down in the first round once and that happened in 2001. That move included a drop of just 3 spots and it resulted in the team drafting nose tackle Casey Hampton.

In total, the Steelers have only traded down four times during a draft since 2000, Colbert’s first year in Pittsburgh. The organization has, however, traded up a total of seven times during the draft during that same span of time.

While several people are suggesting that the Steelers should trade completely out of the first round Thursday night, you have to remember that in doing so it would result in them missing out on having a player that they could eventually use a fifth-round option on. That’s a big deal and thus would require huge compensation. Personally, I don’t see the Steelers doing that and history tells us they won’t.

As far as the possibility of trading up or down in later rounds of this year’s draft, that’s certainly a possibility and the speculation would be endless when it comes to such scenarios. If any trades were to ultimately happen for the Steelers this year, one would think it would center around a move up based on the team’s history under Colbert and likely in rounds three or four.

As far as the possibility of the Steelers trading down in the first round with the Broncos this year, I doubt it will ultimately happen. You certainly can’t completely rule it out, however, and especially depending on how the first 24 picks ultimately wind up playing out. With that said, you can’t blame Colbert for leaving his options open to such a move down in the first round as you never know what another team might offer you if you don’t accept offers.

You’ll go mad trying to not only predict actual picks, but draft day trades as well.

Steelers History Of Trading Draft Picks In Kevin Colbert Era

Year Trade Explanation
2001 Traded Down – Traded 2001 first round pick (#16 – Santana Moss) to Jets for 2001 first round pick (#19 – Casey Hampton), 2001 fourth round pick (#111 – Mathias Nkwenti), 2001 sixth round pick (#181 – Rodney Bailey) on 04-21-2001
2001 Traded Up – Traded 2001 second round pick (#50 – Dominic Raiola), 2001 fourth round pick (#112 – Carlos Polk) to Patriots for 2001 second round pick (#39 – Kendrell Bell) on 04-21-2001
2003 Traded Up – Traded 2003 first round pick (#27 – Larry Johnson), 2003 third round pick (#92 – Julian Battle), 2003 sixth round pick (#200 – Brooks Bollinger) to Chiefs for 2003 first round pick (#16 – Troy Polamalu) on 04-26-2003
2004 Traded Up – Traded 2004 second round pick (#44 – Bob Sanders), 2004 fourth round pick (#107 – Kendyll Pope) to Colts for 2004 second round pick (#38 – Ricardo Colclough) on 04-24-2004
2004 Traded Player For Pick – Traded Troy Edwards to Rams for 2004 sixth round pick (#194 – Matt Kranchick) on 08-30-2004
2005 Traded Player For PickTraded Todd Fordham to Panthers for 2005 seventh round pick (#228 – Shaun Nua) on 09-04-2004
2006 Traded Up – Traded 2006 first round pick (#32 – Mathias Kiwanuka), 2006 third round pick (#96 – Gerris Wilkinson), 2006 fourth round pick (#129 – Guy Whimper) to Giants for 2006 first round pick (#25 – Santonio Holmes) on 04-29-2006
2006 Traded Down – Traded 2006 second round pick (#64 – Tarvaris Jackson) to Vikings for 2006 third round pick (#83 – Anthony Smith), 2006 third round pick (#95 – Willie Reid) on 04-29-2006
2007 Traded Up – Traded 2007 fourth round pick (#119 – Allen Barbre), 2007 sixth round pick (#192 – Desmond Bishop) to Packers for 2007 fourth round pick (#112 – Daniel Sepulveda) on 04-29-2007
2008 Traded Down – Traded 2008 fourth round pick (#123 – Bryan Kehl) to Giants for 2008 fourth round pick (#130 – Tony Hills), 2008 sixth round pick (#194 – Ryan Mundy) on 04-27-2008
2009 Traded Down – Traded 2009 second round pick (#64 – Richard Quinn), 2009 fourth round pick (#132 – Seth Olsen) to Broncos for two 2009 third round picks (#79 – Kraig Urbik) (#84 – Mike Wallace) on 04-25-2009
2009 Traded Player For PickTraded Sean Mahan to Buccaneers for 2009 seventh round pick (#226 – A.Q. Shipley) on 09-02-2008
2010 Traded Player For PickTraded Santonio Holmes to Jets for 2010 fifth round pick (#155) on 04-11-2010
2010 Traded Pick For Player – Traded 2010 seventh round pick (#225 – Syd’quan Thompson) to Buccaneers for Byron Leftwich on 04-20-2010
2010 Traded Pick For Player – Traded 2010 fifth round pick (#155 – John Skelton) to Cardinals for Bryant McFadden, 2010 sixth round pick (#195 – Antonio Brown) on 04-24-2010
2012 Traded UpTraded 2012 fourth round pick (#119 – Keenan Robinson), 2012 six round pick (#193 – Tom Compton) to Redskins for 2012 fourth round pick (#109 – Alameda Ta’amu) on 04-30-2012
2013 Traded UpTraded 2014 third round pick (#83 – Louis Nix to Browns for 2013 fourth round pick (#111 – Shamarko Thomas) on 05-9-2013
2015 Traded Pick For Player – Traded 2016 fifth round pick (#164 – ?) to Eagles for Brandon Boykin on 08-1-2015
2015 Traded Pick For Player – Traded 2016 sixth round pick (#201 – ?) to Jaguars for Josh Scobee on 08-31-2015
2015 Traded Player For Pick – Traded Brad Wing to Giants for 2016 seventh round pick (#229 – ?) on 09-4-2015
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