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Steelers 2016 Mock Draft Contest

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The 2016 NFL Draft will get underway Thursday evening in Chicago and once again I’ll be running a Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft contest. This is the same contest that I’ve run the last three years and once again the winner will receive $100.

Below are the rules and entry form, so please read them and understand them before submitting you picks.

Rule 1. You MUST have a Paypal account in order to receive the winnings. I’m not writing a check. I use Paypal, so you use Paypal. You must enter that in the form below.

Rule 2. You must fill in your real name on the form along with the username that you use to comment on this site. If you don’t have a username and have yet to comment, create one and do so quickly.

Rule 3. I highly advise that in addition to filling out the form below that you post your picks in the comments section. The form below worked perfectly during testing, but anything can happen. It also makes the contest fun if other people can see your picks. (YOU MUST SUBMIT ENTRY BY FORM AT THE VERY LEAST)

Rule 4. In the form below, list your top 5 draft choices in each round for each of the 7 draft picks (include the COMP pick) in the order from 1-5 with one being the most likely. You can only list a player once. You should end up with 45 different players listed. YOU CANNOT DUPLICATE PLAYERS.

Rule 5. The grading will be done by round and pick. Should your first pick in each round wind up being a Steelers pick, you will get 200 bonus points per round for getting the round number correct and 100 points for listing that player first. Should you have the right round, but the player is listed fifth on your list, you would receive a total of 220 points for that pick. If the player that you list is selected in the wrong round, you will receive the points for wherever you list him. Per the example below, if Limas Sweed is taken in round one, you would receive only 80 points for that being as you had him listed second and in the wrong round. A perfect score would be 2100. This isn’t rocket surgery or brain science.


Round 1: – 200 point bonus for correct round

1.1 Vince Young – 100 points

1.2 Joe Theismann – 80 points

1.3 Vince Evans – 60 points

1.4 Doug Williams – 40 points

1.5 Tim Tebow – 20 points

Round 2: – 200 point bonus for correct round

2.1 Franco Harris – 100 points

2.2 Limas Sweed – 80 points

2.3 John Stallworth – 60 points

2.4 O.J. Simpson – 40 points

2.5 Rae Carruth – 20 points

Rule 6: Tiebreaker – Please enter in the form below what overall pick number LB Jaylon Smith will be. Example: 167

Rule 7: Contest closes after the first 150 entries. I love you people, but this will take time to score and you need to give me a few days after the draft ends to do just that.

Rule 8: I have the final ruling on anything that is not laid out clear enough in the rules above.

Rule 9: One entry per person and if I find you trying to get around this, beware.


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