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Redskins Sign Josh Norman, Will Face Off With Antonio Brown Week One

The Washington Redskins have reportedly signed cornerback Josh Norman whopping five year, 5 year, $75 million contract.

That’s notable here because the Pittsburgh Steelers take on Washington in Week One, the first Monday night game of the season. It’ll pit Norman, one of the league’s best corners, against Antonio Brown, one of the league’s top receivers. And, of course, those in Pittsburgh will gladly call Brown the best receiver in the league and rightly so.

I don’t believe Norman and Brown have ever squared off before in the NFL. Though the Steelers and Panthers did meet in 2014, Norman played just 11 defensive snaps according to Pro Football Reference.

Norman has a reputation of getting in receiver’s heads, or at the least, annoying them. He apparently takes on the persona of a different character for each big-time matchup. This CBS article goes through the story and all the different people he’s acted like, ranging from Batman to Optimus Prime. I can only wonder what act he’ll bring for Week One. Regardless, he better bring his A game. He’ll need it against AB.

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