Questions I Would Ask Colbert And Tomlin During Monday’s Pre-Draft Press Conference

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin will hold their annual pre-draft press conference on Monday and while we’re not likely to learn very much during their talk with the local media, there are a few questions that I would like to see asked of them during the session.

Question: Did the team indeed inquire about former Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman?

Reason: Hey, it’s a logical and topical question. While the answer will likely be generic in nature, it would at least be interesting to hear what the response would be.

Question: Does the organization still place a lot of emphasis on tangible evidence when it comes to interceptions that college defensive backs registered during their careers?

Reason: Being as Colbert and Tomlin made it point to dwell on this very thing last year, it would be interesting to hear them address this topic prior to this year’s drafts.

Question: Has any decision been made yet as to whether or not last year’s fourth-round draft pick Doran Grant, will be moved to safety during the offseason?

Reason: This is another logical question being as Tomlin and defensive coordinator Keith Butler have both never shot down that possibility when asked about it over the course of the last year.

Question: Has a decision been made yet as to whether or not the organization will pick up the fifth-year option on outside linebacker Jarvis Jones?

Reason: Look, they have to know by now, right?

Question: What is the current status on the future of inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons being as he is now in the final year of his current contract?

Reason: I have speculated for some time now that Timmons will get an extension at some point prior to the 2016 season and thus it will be interesting to hear if any negotiations have taken place with him yet.

Question: Does the organization still stand firm on the fact that wide receiver Antonio Brown will not get a new contract until next offseason at the earliest?

Reason: Colbert made it a point to say last year that Brown wasn’t likely to get a new deal until after the 2016 season was over. With that said, Brown is extremely underpaid right now and should the team take the same course of action with him as they did last offseason, that would require more cap space being used this year if he is paid forward once again.

Question: Was cornerback Cortez Allen indeed released because he refused to take a pay-cut?

Reason: We know that he likely was, but it would be interesting to see Colbert put on the spot with this question just the same.

Question: Is it just a coincidence that the organization only likes to select cornerbacks who entered the draft after their senior seasons?

Reason: This is another legitimate question based on the history of the franchise dating back to 2000, Colbert’s first year with the Steelers.

Ok, that’s just a few questions I have for the Steelers brass and I know most of you have a few that can be added to this list as well so let’s hear them in the comments below.

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