One Final 2015 Steelers Re-Draft Exercise

Steelers NFL Draft logos

As the last few days tick off of the calendar prior the start of the 2016 NFL Draft, I figured we would spend this Thursday evening taking one last look back at the Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 draft by doing another mock exercise.

If you have followed our work here for a considerable amount of time, you should already be used to how these exercises work. For those of you who haven’t taken part in these past mock exercises, here are the ground rules.

For starters, if you would like to keep any of the actual selections that the Steelers made last year in any  particular round, you are certainly free to do so. If, however, you want to change any of the Steelers selections in any  particular round, you can only do so by choosing from the list of players who were taken after Pittsburgh’s selection in that round and before their next pick in the next round. For the seventh and final round, you are free to choose any undrafted player at that point and that includes any player who ultimately went undrafted league-wide.

Below is a chart for you to follow and you can easily find all of last year’s selection at the link included below.

Round 1 – 22nd overall to 55th overall
Round 2 – 56th overall to 86th overall
Round 3 – 87th overall to 120th overall
Round 4 – 122nd overall to 159 overall
Round 5 – 160th overall to 198th overall
Round 6 – 199th overall to 211th overall
Round 6 – 212th overall to 238th overall
Round 7 – 239th overall to undrafted

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