Tuitt, Shazier, Mitchell Training In Arizona

Last week, we wrote that it seemed Stephon Tuitt had joined James Harrison to train in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now it appears two more Steelers were part of that group.

Mike Mitchell and Ryan Shazier showed up on Tuitt’s Instagram feed in the Scottsdale gym.

Though certainly not unique to the Steelers, every team has groups that go out and train, it’s always encouraging to see a group – especially a critical one like these three – come together like this in the offseason, a time where it’s easy to get away and do your own thing.

All three will need to continue their play or improve on their 2015 season. Tuitt broke out for 6.5 in 14 games while Mitchell, able to stay healthy for most of the year, showed the type of enforcer he is across the middle. Shazier had some huge games but injuries derailed any chance for consistency. He stated earlier in the offseason keeping a focus on the weight room is critical heading into this season.

“I was going hard but I was focusing more on football and less on working out as much. It’s a balance. You need to workout as much as you focus on football so you can maintain your body,” he told Missi Matthews in early February.

Scottsdale has become the team’s hot spot to train and it’s all led by Harrison. It’s an example of being able to lead through actions, not words. Show up, work hard, and the young guys are bound to follow.

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