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Steelers 2016 Adjusted Salary Cap Number Set To Be $157,628,978

Over the course of the last few weeks we have learned what the official salary cap number for each team will be in 2016 along with how much cap space each team chose to rollover from 2015. On Monday, the NFLPA released the adjusted salary cap numbers for all 32 teams.

The Pittsburgh Steelers adjusted cap number for 2016 will be $157,628,978, according to Monday’s report and that number was derived by adding the team’s 2015 rollover amount of $3,000,327 to the league-wide cap number of $155.27 million and then subtracting $641,349 in needed adjustments from last season.

The NFLPA did indicate in their Monday release that there may be slight changes in some final numbers of each team prior the start of the 2016 league year but that any changes are expected to be negligible.

According to my personal numbers, the Steelers were roughly $9.2 million under the $157,628,978 adjusted cap number prior to re-signing safety Robert Golden on Monday. However, it should be noted that that projected cap space number includes a projected veteran cap credit payback in 2016 of $1.125 million in addition to a projected roster bonus charge in 2016 of $561,000.

The re-signing of Golden on Monday will likely only eat up roughly another $643,000 in cap space after displacement in the top 51 takes place, however, we won’t know for sure until the actual contract details are released.


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