Pre-New League Year: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you and I hope your week went well. At this same time next week, free agency will be in full swing as the new league year will officially begin Wednesday evening.

Now that teams have returned from the combine, we have seen several of them part ways with players. Some of those cuts were expected while a few others weren’t and that’s really par for the course. Regardless, it’s a sign that the business season is now upon us and the draft won’t be too far behind.

As always, I have five questions related to the Pittsburgh Steelers for you to answer on this first Friday of March and I hope you all will take a little time to answer all of them in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and peace and love to all of you.

1 – The Chicago Bears are reportedly trying to trade tight end Martellus Bennett, whose contract will be up after the 2016 season. Knowing that Bennett is scheduled to earn $5.085 million in 2016, would you be fine with the Steelers trading their first of three seventh-round draft picks they’re likely to have this year for the veteran tight end even though he might only play one year in Pittsburgh? This assumes the Bears would even do such a trade.

2 – By now, I’m pretty sure that most of you have at least one draft crush for the Steelers. Tell me who that player is and why.

3 – Pro Football Focus posted their 2016 free agent tracker on Friday and as you would expect, the list is quite long. I want you to pick me out one player from another team on the list who will likely cost less than $4 million a season who you think could help the Steelers.

4 – How many more players set to become unrestricted free agents will the Steelers re-sign prior to Wednesday evening?

5 – True or false: Everyone should be including a quarterback in their seven-round mock drafts for the Steelers.

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