Click Bait: Free Agent Defensive Backs Who Might Interest The Steelers

After signing free agent tight end Ladarius Green during the first night of the new league year, the Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to sign another outside player. While they appear to be open to signing a free agent tackle, that has yet to happen. While the Steelers reportedly had some interest in veteran safety Eric Weddle prior to him signing with the Baltimore Ravens, a Monday morning report indicated that they never made him a formal offer.

In an effort to provide you some false hope, I have eight defensive back free agents that I could see the Steelers potentially having interest in in the coming days or weeks. I must warn you, however, that most of you are not going to like most of the names.

When it comes to safeties, I have ruled out all of the remaining free agents who are over the age of 30 as the recent history of the franchise dictates that I do so. That leaves us with Tony Jefferson, Walter Thurmond, David Bruton and Rahim Moore.

Being as Jefferson is currently a tendered restricted free agent, that reduces the odds of the Steelers even going after him with an offer sheet. While I’m not a huge Thurmond fan, he could potentially be a fit if the price is right. As for Bruton, he’s currently damaged goods as he’s still likely recovering from a broken fibula. That leaves Moore, a street free agent with obvious ties to the Steelers being as he played for defensive backs coach Carnell Lake in college at UCLA.

When it comes to cornerbacks, I have whittled down the list of available free agents to four names and you’re sure to recognize all four. They are: Patrick Robinson, Sterling Moore, Brandon Boykin and Antwon Blake.

Robinson and Moore were both brought in for free agent visits around this same time last year so it’s easy to connect both of them to the Steelers. Boykin and Blake need no introductions.

Once again, I refused to include any free agent cornerbacks who are 30 years of age or older on my list as well as other younger players who failed to play a ton of snaps in 2015.

My list is not sexy at all, but those are the names I have circled. I am now open to hear your arguments for other players and I hope you enjoyed the false hope I have given you.

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