Determining The Current Market Value Of Steelers S Robert Golden

As we sit here in early February, the Pittsburgh Steelers only have three safeties who ended the 2015 season on their 53-man roster under contract for 2016. However, two of those three players, Shamarko Thomas and Ross Ventrone, are essentially special teams players so it makes sense that Pittsburgh will likely try to re-sign soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Robert Golden during the coming weeks in addition to drafting a safety in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Knowing that the Steelers will more than likely want to re-sign Golden, who played 390 total defensive snaps in 2015, in addition to being a core special teams player, we will now have a look at his current market value.

Golden earned $1.542 million with the Steelers in 2015 as a tendered restricted free agent. With that in mind, along with the fact that the front office more than likely wants to get Golden re-signed prior to the start of free agency, the former undrafted free agent out of Arizona probably has a market value of right around $2 million a season.

Before any of you think that amount is too low, keep in mind that including the playoffs, Golden has yet to play a total of 500 defensive snaps during his first four years in the league. In other words, Golden should jump at $2 million a season on a two or three-year deal.

Below is a look at what a three-year contract for Golden would look like that totals out at just a little more than $6 million. As you can see, Golden would earn $2.26 million in 2016 thanks in part to him being given a $1.5 million signing bonus. Such a contract as laid out below would result in his 2016 cap charge being $1.26 million, which would actually be less than his charge in 2015 was.

Being as the second and third years of Golden’s contract wouldn’t be guaranteed, the Steelers could easily part ways with him as soon as 2017 should they absolutely need to. This is a deal that needs to get done prior to the start of free agency and I will be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

I have also worked up a two-year deal for Golden that averages right at $2 million a season and in that I included two non-guaranteed roster bonuses. Either deal would be good for the Steelers as well as Golden.

Estimated Contract For Robert Golden

Three-Year Contract, $6.06 million
Year Base Salary Bonus Proration Roster Bonus Cap Charge
2016 $760,000 $500,000 $0 $1,260,000
2017 $1,800,000 $500,000 $0 $2,300,000
2018 $2,000,000 $500,000 $0 $2,500,000
Two-Year Contract, $4 million
Year Base Salary Bonus Proration Roster Bonus Cap Charge
2016 $760,000 $500,000 250,000 $1,510,000
2017 $1,740,000 $500,000 250,000 $2,490,000
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