Video: Vontaze Burfict As Forrest Gump

It’s Monday. You’re back at work. The weekend is over and the thrill of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Wild Card win has begun to wear off.

Use your lunch break to check out this hilarious video by our friends over at The Cauldron, mashing up Vontaze Burfict’s run out of the stadium celebration with Forrest Gump.

“We’re Gonna Lose” is right.

It’s funny that Burfict was not flagged for an excessive celebration or delay of game for carrying the football off the field and into the tunnel while William Gay was flagged for a “team” celebration that barely existed.

Of course, none of that matters anymore. Gay’s Steelers survived and advanced. Burfict’s Bengals blew their chance, in large part to the linebacker’s killshot on Antonio Brown.

Just like in Forrest Gump.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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