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Steve Smith On Mike Mitchell: I Will Hunt Him When I Come Back

Like any good feud, the hatred between Steve Smith Sr. and Mike Mitchell doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Appearing on ESPN’s Russillo & Kannell yesterday, Smith Sr. was very clear that Mitchell is still on his “list.”

“So honestly, I know I’m not playing int he playoffs, but he is one of the people I will hunt up when I come back for my final season. I make enough money so I’m willing to take whatever fine I can get because I still have some change left over.”

Making a direct threat? Classy.

If you remember, Smith Sr. took issue with Mitchell’s reaction to the receiver’s injury earlier this season, after Smith Sr. was hit in the back by Lawrence Timmons. Smith Sr. told Russillo he didn’t appreciate Mitchell clapping after the hit, taking offense to a player celebrating an injury.

Of course, perhaps Smith Sr. should take his own advice he’s given out in the past to “ice up, son.” He indirectly told that Aqib Talib through ESPN in 2013 after Talib, then with the New England Patriots, left the game against Smith’s Carolina Panthers with a hip injury. That is, in Smith Sr.’s mind, fair play.

Smith Sr. wound up missing half of the season after tearing his Achilles in early November. Though he planned to retire, the shortened season and lack of success by the Baltimore Ravens this year were enough to coax him into playing one final season.

Expect this to be one of the major storylines when the Steelers and Ravens meet next season.

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