Steelers Home And Away Playoff History Breakdown

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a long and storied postseason history, as anybody likely reading this article would be amply aware of. Their 56 postseason games rank as the second-most in NFL history behind only the Cowboys, with whom they have recently tied after securing their 34th postseason victory, the most ever. A win on Sunday would make them the outright winningest franchise in the postseason in the history of the game.

But it is interesting to see how it all breaks down, and that is exactly what I have done for you, offering you a look at the Steelers’ postseason history as it relates to performance based not only on home games or road games, but also playoff rounds.

As you can see from the chart below, Pittsburgh has clearly had its highest rate of success in any given round in the Super Bowl, where all games take place on neutral territory. They have gone 6-2 in those games, winning 75 percent.

Where they have clearly dominated throughout their history has been in division games that have come at home, where they have posted an all-time record of 12-2, a winning percentage of .857. The most recent home division loss game in 1992 against the Bills. The other was in 1947.

As we can also see, the bad news from this chart is that the Steelers have been at their worst in the division round on the road, losing six out of nine total road division round games, a winning percentage of just .333.

As it just so happens, the Steelers’ division round game against the Broncos comes on the road, so they will be looking to seriously buck history in that regard. Fortunately, the only road division game that the Steelers have played since Ben Roethlisberger has been in the league was a victory over the Colts in 2005.

The Steelers are 1-2 against the Broncos in Denver in the divisional round, and are 2-3 in Denver all-time in the playoffs. They will try to even up those records on Sunday.

Round Home Win % Away Win % Overall Win %
Wins Losses Wins Losses
Wildcard 2 3 0.400 3 2 0.600 0.500
Divisional 12 2 0.857 3 6 0.333 0.595
Conference 6 5 0.545 2 2 0.500 0.523
Overall 20 10 0.667 8 10 0.444 0.583
Super Bowl 6 2 0.750
Playoff W/L 34 22 0.607
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