Steelers 2015 Sack Review: LB Arthur Moats

Over the course of the next several weeks I will be recapping the sacks registered during the 2015 season by the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. Each post will be dedicated to one individual player and along the way we’ll document the down and distance, time and number of players sent on each and every sack. Once we recap all of them, I will summarize them in one final post.

Today, we’ll recap the sacks registered by outside linebacker Arthur Moats.

The NFL officially credited Moats with 4 total sacks during the regular season and that number includes three full ones and two halves. The league also credited Moats with 10 total quarterback hits during the regular season while the Steelers have him down as recording 9 quarterback pressures.

Moats’ first regular season came in Week 2 against the San Francisco 49ers.

WEEK 2 – 2-18-SF 21 (12:10 3Q) (Shotgun) C.Kaepernick sacked at SF 15 for -6 yards (sack split by A.Moats and S.Tuitt). 2.1 seconds, 5-man rush, blitz outside

On this sack against the 49ers, every member of the Steelers front stood up and outside linebacker Jarvis Jones shifted to the inside while Ryan Shazier lined up in the slot on the left edge. It was a unique front that I’m willing to bet the 49ers hadn’t seen much. At the snap, Shazier blitzes off the edge while Jones and Moats run a stunt. The right side of the 49ers offensive line didn’t handle this well at all. This leaves Moats and Shazier free and the running back decides to pick up the latter. This leaves Moats to have a free run at the quarterback and he meets defensive end Stephon Tuitt in the backfield for the sack split

WEEK 3 – 2-10-PIT 46 (12:11 3Q) N.Foles sacked at SL 46 for -8 yards (A.Moats). 3.05 seconds, 4-man rush

Nothing fancy here on this full sack by Moats as the Rams allow him to come free off of the edge even though they have two tight ends on their right side. This results in another easy sack for Moats.

WEEK 10 – 1-10-CLV 30 (14:20 3Q) (Shotgun) J.Manziel sacked at CLV 23 for -7 yards (sack split by A.Moats and Jar.Jones). 4.7 seconds, 4-man rush

I detailed this sack a few days ago when reviewing Jones’ quarterback take-downs. A nice bull-rush by Jones combined with Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas getting tripped by the left guard results in the quarterback having no escape route. Moats and Jones combine for the split.

WEEK 13 – 3-17-PIT 17 (1:20 4Q) (Shotgun) C.Whitehurst sacked at PIT 25 for -8 yards (A.Moats). 4.02 seconds, 4-man rush, blitz

This sack came very, very, very late in the blowout win over the Indianapolis Colts. Moats takes advantage of the right tackle over-setting and not staying square. Moats uses his right hand to gain inside access off the edge. It’s a 3rd and long play and thus the quarterback has to wait for something to develop down the field. the result is a four-second sack.

WEEK 17 – 2-10-PIT 48 (:33 2Q) (Shotgun) A.Davis sacked at CLV 43 for -9 yards (A.Moats). 3.2 seconds, 5-man rush, blitz

On this sack, Moats again has a free run as the Browns use four players to block two rushers on their left. the threat of cornerback Brandon Boykin coming off the edge contains the right tackle and the right guard passes Tuitt in order to pick up a late-rushing Lawrence Timmons.

Summary: Much like Jones, Moats is not a premier pass-rusher. As you can see above, several of his sacks were a result of him being able to run free because of scheme. Being as Moats ended the season as a non-starter and behind Bud Dupree, that will be his role the remainder of his career in Pittsburgh.

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