Senior Bowl Donation Fund

Hello Steelers’ Nation,

If you haven’t heard on Twitter or listening to The Terrible Podcast, I’ve been credentialed to travel down to the 2016 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama on behalf of Steelers Depot. For those that don’t know, the Senior Bowl is one of the marquee pre-draft events.

I’ll be flying down that Sunday, staying for the entire week of practice, and flying back up that Friday. Of course, the trip isn’t free – it wasn’t covered by my blaghers insurance – and I’ll be paying my own way down there. Like we did in training camp, we have set up a donation fund for anyone interested and able to make a donation of any amount to help fund that process.

Don’t worry. I’ll be going down there regardless of if we raise $5 or $1000. You know we’re always one for transparency on here and I’m not going to pretend or lie that we have to raise “X” amount to make this trip happen. But being able to generate a little extra money for this special event will greatly help and be equally appreciated.

With the flight, hotel, and food, the total for the trip should cost around $850-$900. We’ve set up another GoFundMe account, which you can click here, if you’re interested in making a contribution. Like we did for camp, I’m not creating an expectation of any high amount of money we need to raise. I don’t want to pressure anyone into thinking they have to donate; like I said, I’m getting on that plane on January 24th no matter what (even if I have to fly it!).

If you’re able to give a little, I’ll be ecstatic, and just like camp, will certainly reply with a unique thank-you note in return. If you’re not, that’s ok, too. The holiday’s just wrapped up. If money is tight, I totally get it. Pay your bills first, people. But share the link and see if someone else is able to donate. Everything helps.

Thank you again for your support during this Steelers’ season. It’s been a wonderful journey, from training camp and the incredible outpouring of support I saw each and every day , through the whole season. And now I can’t wait to start up with the draft process, equally one of the best times of the year.

Again, if you’d like to donate, I’ll leave the link directly blow. Thanks for being the best Steelers’ nation.


GoFundMe Link

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