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Report: Antonio Brown’s Odds Of Playing Sunday “Not Looking Good”

It’s not a huge surprise to see DeAngelo Williams’ status in doubt for Sunday’s Divisional Game. It’s a much bigger one to hear the same about Antonio Brown.

But Brown’s chances are “not looking good” according to a report by ESPN’s Bob Holtzman.

This contradicts a report by Gerry Dulac immediately after the game that said Brown should be fine for Sunday. But it was pragmatic to be cautious, given the unpredictable nature of concussions. It’s very plausible that Brown is feeling lingering effects of it, especially if he went through a workout. How the body responds after exertion is part of the concussion process.

Mike Tomlin will have his press conference at noon tomorrow, hopefully with some sort of an update on Brown’s status.

Brown torched the Broncos earlier this season, catching 16 passes for 189 yards and 2 touchdowns. Both scores came against Chris Harris, who hadn’t previously given up a single score in two seasons.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the evening and into tomorrow. Obviously, it’s pretty unclear what the story is on Brown heading into the week.

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