Draft Pedigree Of The Championship Weekend Secondaries

Every year at this time it’s always fun to take a look at the rosters of the four teams playing on championship weekend to see how they are constructed and the kind of pedigree that they include. Personally, I really like looking at the secondaries more than anything else when doing this exercise.

Below is a look at the secondary players from each of the four teams playing on Sunday. These players are sorted by the amount of snaps they played throughout the regular season and including the playoffs. Please keep in mind that a few players listed below are either currently no longer with the team or on the team’s Reserve/Injured list.

Of the players who played a high percentage of snaps this season (more than 50%), only four are former first-round draft picks, with one of those being a safety.

The most interesting of the four teams are the Carolina Panthers when it comes to pedigree, or lack thereof. Sure that group includes a couple of former second-round draft picks, but both players were originally drafted by other teams and both are well up there in age. Outside of those two veteran players, the Panthers secondary doesn’t include very much draft pedigree at all. A big tip of a cap to the Panthers front office and secondary coach Steve Wilks.

Nobody wants to talk about, but there will be four former undrafted players who will start in the two games that will be played on Sunday.

Pedigree Of Championship Weekend Secondaries
Arizona Cardinals
21-P.Peterson CB 990 94.60% 1st
32-T.Mathieu S 886 84.60% 3rd
26-R.Johnson S 845 80.70% 3rd
25-J.Powers CB 785 75.00% 3rd
22-T.Jefferson S 756 72.20% UDFA
28-J.Bethel CB 443 42.30% 6th
36-D.Swearinger S 152 14.50% 2nd
29-C.Clemons S 49 4.70% 5th
Carolina Panthers
24-J.Norman CB 1061 96.50% 5th
20-K.Coleman S 1018 92.50% 7th
41-R.Harper S 951 86.50% 2nd
25-B.Benwikere CB 788 71.60% 5th
31-C.Tillman CB 711 64.60% 2nd
33-T.Boston S 222 20.20% 4th
26-C.Finnegan CB 213 19.40% 7th
42-C.Jones S 151 13.70% 6th
21-T.Williams CB 50 4.50% UDFA
27-R.McClain CB 35 3.20% 7th
29-D.Marlowe S 9 0.80% UDFA
New England Patriots
21-M.Butler CB 1082 98.80% UDFA
26-L.Ryan CB 978 89.30% 3rd
32-D.McCourty S 928 84.70% 1st
23-P.Chung S 887 81.00% 2nd
30-D.Harmon S 603 55.10% 3rd
22-J.Coleman CB 299 27.30% UDFA
37-J.Richards S 239 21.80% 2nd
25-T.Brown CB 162 14.80% 5th
34-L.Johnson CB 157 14.30% UDFA
27-T.Wilson S 83 7.60% 2nd
24-B.Fletcher CB 68 6.20% 3rd
24-R.Melvin CB 49 4.50% UDFA
43-N.Ebner S 46 4.20% 6th
Denver Broncos
25-C.Harris CB 1063 97.00% UDFA
21-A.Talib CB 977 89.10% 1st
26-D.Stewart S 848 77.40% UDFA
43-T.Ward S 703 64.10% 2nd
29-B.Roby CB 622 56.80% 1st
30-D.Bruton S 481 43.90% 4th
20-J.Bush S 232 21.20% 6th
33-S.Keo S 87 7.90% 5th
36-K.Webster DB 69 6.30% 3rd
31-O.Bolden S 48 4.40% 4th
37-L.Doss CB 3 0.30% 5th
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